Lu-Kwang Ju教授学术报告会

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报 告 人:Lu-Kwang Ju博士(美国阿克伦大学教授)

间:201797日(周四) 上午1000

点: 安徽大学磬苑校区理工F202学术报告厅






    Rhamnolipids are arguably the most promising biosurfactants for various large-scale industrial, environmental and agricultural applications, particularly for certified “organics” products. Rhamnolipids are produced by some bacteria for metabolic and physiological purposes. In fermentation, overproduction takes place in the stationary phase but is complicated by low conversion and highly foaming nature in aerobic fermentation. Prof. Ju’s group has improved the techniques for selecting high yield and productivity strains. They have also pioneered the new denitrification-based production route, to avoid foaming or oxygen-limiting issues (such as for in-situ rhamnolipid production in soil). Besides production and downstream collection, Ju’s group has explored various applications of rhamnolipids such as their antimicrobial and antifouling activities, fungal morphology modification, affinity foaming for enzyme purification, soil adsorption, and use as agricultural biopesticide. They have also chemically converted rhamnolipids to some chemicals and polymers. An overview will be given as the framework to encourage communication and collaboration.


    Ju Lu-Kwang教授曾经担任阿克伦大学化学与生物大分子工程系的系主任,目前任该系杰出教授,累计发表SCI论文100余篇,在污水处理过程监控、生物发酵与生物能源等领域颇有建树。Ju教授的课题组研究主要内容:鼠李糖脂的生产和纯化;制备水解纤维素酶、木聚糖酶、果胶酶、阿拉伯糖酶和乳糖酶;研究硫酸盐还原菌对碳钢和不锈钢的腐蚀;产油藻的培养;收集藻类油脂并转化为生物柴油等。


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